Mortgage technology for a better home loan experience

The average home loan takes more than 40 days to close, and costs banks upwards of $8,000. Why? Because for many lenders, the mortgage process is still mostly offline. That means pen and paper, faxes and certified mail, phone calls and in-person meetings - all time consuming for both the consumer and the lender.

We bring your mortgage process online to make it faster, less costly, and more transparent for everyone involved. You save days by reducing manual processes and communications, allowing you to reinvest that time into growing your business. Your customers get an experience they expect in the 21st century: anytime/anywhere access, as low or high touch as they prefer, a clear view into what’s happening with their loan, and faster decisions - all so they get into their new home sooner and with less anxiety than ever before. 

The bottom line: a mortgage process that’s easier for everyone, lower cost to you, and customers and partners more likely to recommend getting a home loan with you.

Roostify solved problems we didn’t even know we had at the time.
— Dan Stevens, VP of Mortgage Strategy, NBKC

An all-in-one digital platform for streamlining loan processes

From a clean, easy-to-follow online application, to the documents and data you need to make a loan decision, to built-in collaboration and communication tools, Roostify’s mortgage software systems make it simple to get what you need to move loan applications forward.  

  • Consumer-friendly application experience
  • Secure document upload and review
  • Time-saving process automation
  • Collaboration and team features
  • Deep configuration and customization capability
  • Robust API

Industry-leading partnerships

We’ve partnered with some of the best in the business to provide you with an all-in-one platform for a digital mortgage process.

Roostify’s mortgage software  is integrated with industry leaders in loan origination systems, document origination, and more.

[Roostify] has become such a great way to keep everyone up to date and fully involved in the loan process while improving the customer experience and improving our efficiency internally as well as with our partners.
— Matthew Hillis, CIO, Hometown Lenders