Introducing Roostify Adapt™

Roostify’s guiding star is a better consumer experience. Everything we do is centered around giving consumers the simplest, most transparent, most anxiety-free loan process possible. But that doesn’t mean ignoring the lender. 

In fact, the two are closely intertwined - when you make something work better for the lender, that makes it run smoother for the consumer too. That’s why we’re excited to unveil a new lender-centric feature, one that many of our clients have requested.

Introducing Roostify Adapt™, a simple way to manage your online lending experience across brands, channels, and organization structures.

Roostify Adapt allows you to easily create parent or child accounts, each with their own workflow and branding, right from the Roostify admin console. You can use this to create different experiences for your different channels or brands, or specific marketing campaigns.

For example, a lender who operates under different names in different states can create and manage uniquely-branded Roostify experiences for each from a single screen in the admin console, without needing to deploy any development resources.

You can also assign your employees to multiple accounts, so they can process loans across your channels without needing to switch. For example, if you have a loan officer who works on loans for both your main brand and a regional sub-brand, they can manage all their loans from both brands from the same dashboard.

This makes it simple to adjust your channels as your business needs change. If you acquire another lender brand, or want to create an application experience unique to a certain marketing campaign, you can adjust your Roostify environments to get underway with just a few clicks.

Not all of this is new. Roostify users have been able to add parent and child accounts for some time. But while our clients liked the function, their feedback was that it didn’t always go far enough for their needs.

We created Adapt to help our clients solve their real-world problems. We’ve beefed up our account hierarchy tools, made them easier to use, and designed them to help our clients meet both their current and future needs.

After all, that’s one of the main goals of our platform - we’re here for you today and tomorrow.