Pave the Way to Better Lending

Accelerate the lending process, from lead to close, with an integrated digital experience.

Core Platform

How It Works

We offer innovative solutions that create a simplified, accessible home lending journey — for both you and your borrowers.


Generate and convert more leads with a multi-channel approach; automated, turnkey tools; and personalized lending experiences.


Optimize your referrals

Discover where your leads are coming from, thanks to custom links for referral tracking. Collaborate with referral partners to send borrowers directly to the loan application.

Provide customizable loan officer tools

Keep your brand identity top of mind with branded loan officer pages, emails, and custom links. Give your loan officers a personalized, dedicated channel to engage with borrowers.

Leverage lead management tools

Increase conversions with meaningful touch points throughout the lending journey. Nurture prospects with third-party integrations (i.e. Lending Tree and Velocify), while advancing applications in real time by adding real estate agents, as well as other collaborators.

Empower borrowers to compare lending options

Generate more leads by giving your borrowers the ability to compare lending products and rates across multiple channels. Then, increase conversions by automatically taking them right to pre-filled applications.


Accelerate applications with enhanced automation, real-time collaboration, and 360° visibility across your lending pipeline.


Streamline the loan application process

Create unique user journeys through configurable workflows. Empower borrowers with self-service tools, while providing loan officers everything they need to quickly review, edit, and complete borrower applications on their behalf.

Save time by automatically pre-filling applications

Cut out tedious, time-consuming manual entry using single sign-on (SSO). Leverage trusted data sources to automatically pre-fill personal, property, and mortgage data from borrower data stored in the other connected systems.

Customize your messaging for increased conversions

Take control of your borrower engagement strategy by sending the right messages at the right time. Decide how and when you engage with borrowers and assign detailed tasks by automating communications.

Get a complete view of your pipeline

Organize and manage your entire lending pipeline with an intuitive dashboard that provides easy access into all loan officers’ relevant applications, bolstered by customizable reporting and leads pipeline.


Simplify fulfillment by leveraging deep integrations to automate essential tasks and eliminate unnecessary steps.


Expedite decisioning with best-in-class eligibility tools

Qualify borrowers on a comprehensive platform that includes credit services, AUS reports, automated conditional approvals (DU), product and pricing services, and pre-qualification letters.

Speed up your verification process

Save days of processing time by automating the entire income verification process with integrated data sources, trusted information from submitted documents, and artificial intelligence document intelligence tools.

Leave the complexity to us

Implement deep bi-directional integrations on the systems you already use, giving borrowers and loan officers everything they need on a single, intuitive platform. Eliminate confusion, accelerate information transfer, and deliver a consistent brand experience.

Streamline underwriting with smart doc management

Eliminate the manual document review process without sacrificing accuracy, thanks to Roostify’s proprietary document classification and data extraction/validation system. Leverage integrated regulatory management, eSign, delivery, and document management services.


Deliver smooth, transparent, and empowering closing experiences for both borrowers and loan officers.


Offer traditional closing for those who request it

Give borrowers the ability to sign the majority of documents online through our eSign partners, but leave the in-person signing for all disclosures.

Expedite time to close with hybrid closing

Give borrowers the ability to sign nearly all documents (including closing disclosures) online, accelerating the lending process.

Home Services

Let borrowers shop for home insurance providers directly from the Roostify portal, using data that has already been provided as part of the application, reducing the risk of closing delays.

Automate compliance regulation

Provide transparency to borrowers with our safe and secure digital environment. View the entire document history, including date and time stamps to stay current and organized.

"By leveraging Roostify for TD's digital mortgage, we're able to provide borrowers with online capabilities in addition to face-to-face guidance and support. This is the game changer for today's buyers – digital when they want to handle it on their own, and human when they need the help."

Jon Giles
TD Bank | Head of Home Equity Lending

Make Our Platform Yours

Easily customize and configure your entire lending experience, all from a single platform (without engaging Roostify or your internal IT teams).

Meet Your One-Stop Platform

Manage all of your products, brands, and business units through a unified platform with unlimited accounts.

Scale Your Digital Footprint
— No New Code Needed

Customize your platform in-house with just a few clicks or simple lines of code. Modify your settings as your business needs evolve and change.

Maintain Your Brand Integrity

Enjoy the ultimate white-label experience. Think of us as an extension of your organization that empowers you to stay in complete control of your brand.

Account Hierarchy

Maximize efficiency by creating customized permissions across all of your accounts. Make changes effortlessly—you can enable or disable permissions without ever contacting your internal IT team. 

  • Customize account hierarchy across all accounts
  • Make permission changes from a single, central control point
  • Apply changes to all accounts with a single click

Insights and Intelligence


Understand your target borrowers better with real-time, actionable insights into loan and behavior data.


Improve the entire borrower experience, drive conversions, and increase loan officer productivity by focusing on initiatives that drive measurable value to your organization.


Achieve a deeper understanding of borrower behavior and make better data-driven decisions for your organization.

Upgrade Your Lending Experience

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