For most consumers, a home is the largest purchase they’ll ever make, and often also one of the most anxiety-inducing. With little real information available on their loan options, or on what to expect for final costs, how does potential homebuyer determine the best choice?

Decision Builder was designed to help get consumers the information they need to make the right loan choice for them. Right from your website, they can answer a few questions about their situation and get immediate, easy-to-understand information about the loan products that they qualify for, based on your actual product and pricing engine. 

 Decision Builder Screenshot

Lower consumer anxiety
as potential clients know what to expect.


Higher quality leads
who are more likely to become applicants.


Applications more likely to close
as consumers apply for loans they already know will work for them.


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Decision Builder helps you empower your prospects to apply with confidence, and build the early trust that helps convince them to apply with you. Contact us to learn more.