Your Underwriting Process: Faster, Smarter, and More Affordable

Save lenders measurable time, effort, and money with the Document Intelligence Service.

Document Intelligence

Make Data-driven Decisions Faster

Mortgage underwriting teams are limited by manual processes. Far too much of their time is spent organizing documents while checking (and rechecking) information file by file, field by field. The process is cumbersome, highly prone to human error, and carries significant origination costs.

Automate document organization and verification checks, so underwriting teams can focus on closing deals faster and more accurately.

Document Intelligence Service

Streamline mortgage document processing with an API that automates document classification, data extraction, and data validation, significantly reducing human error and the costs of the underwriting document review process.


Document Classification

Use document classification to organize, classify, and label all scanned borrower documents before automatically reviewing them to see if they match the requested document types (and get instant alerts if they don’t).

Current document classification accuracy F1 score: 0.91

Data Extraction

Leverage data extraction to pull essential borrower document information and return it as easy-to-access data. Make faster decisions by eliminating manual entry.

Current document extraction accuracy: 85% – 99%

Data Validation

Use data validation to authenticate extracted document data while checking for inaccuracies, errors, and consistency using our robust artificial intelligence.

This is How We Use It, In-House

The Document Intelligence Service is a plug-and-play API that can be used at any point of the lending experience - even if Roostify isn’t their mortgage technology partner. We have integrated the Document Intelligence Service API in our digital lending platform to create a premium offering to our current clients.

There are many ways you can use the Document Intelligence Service, but for us, it’s especially effective at the beginning of the lending journey, when users are submitting their loan application.

docintelligence classification

Document Classification

We give users instant feedback when they upload incorrect or illegible documents. This saves our clients both time and cost — their borrowers don’t need to engage their lending team until the documents are ready to go.

docintelligence validation

Data Validation

Not only can we check if the document is the right type, but also if it’s the right version and all data fields match the expectations of the assigned task. This significantly minimizes the time spent checking and rechecking, and eliminates the possibility of human error.

docintelligence extraction

Data Extraction

Our clients can use borrower data to create customized, automatic tasks on our lending platform prior to the documents in-person review. This expedites the process, saving our customers time and keeps borrowers happy, boosting retention.

A Document Solution That Works and Grows With You

Control Your Process

Gain the flexibility to easily customize and build your perfect solution today. Create customized rules and document acceptance criteria to automate your underwriting process your way. Plug the Document Intelligence Service API into your process wherever suits your needs.

Evolve Automatically

We currently support all major income verification tax documents and bank statements, and our library of accepted documents is growing each day. Our artificial intelligence is constantly increasing in accuracy and sophistication while learning and understanding new document types.

Implement With Ease

The Document Intelligence Service API is designed to be integrated seamlessly into your existing processes, regardless of your existing tech stack. Choose the capabilities you want and plug them in where it makes sense in your lending journey.

See What's Next!

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