One Integrated Platform. Everything Your Team Needs.

Empower your teams to close more loans, faster with a collaborative lending platform that accelerates the home lending journey.

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Simplify The Home Lending Journey

Create a faster home lending experience that generates more financial opportunities for your lending team.

Collaborate Better with Your Partners

Empower loan officers, real estate agents, and other lending partners to close loans quickly and consistently.

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Create a Turnkey Operation from ‘Servicing to Origination’

Meet underwriting and compliance guidelines with automated, digital records for regulatory protection.

Benefits of Partnering With Roostify

Loan Officer Tools

Loan Officer Tools

Empower loan officers with personalized, multi-channel tools including branded pages, emails, and tracking links to support borrowers on the go.

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Self-Service Tools

Empower borrowers to start the lending process and fill out the application without any input from your team.

LOS Connect-1

LOS Connect

Speed up information transfer and reduce time to close by automating tasks on an intuitive, bi-directional integration to LOS systems.

Brand Configurability

Application Pre-Fill

Leverage your existing data sources to automatically pre-fill loan applications with trusted data.

Integrated Product Selection

Integrated Product Selection

Integrate a unified system that provides clarity into product and pricing at any point in the process.

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Borrower Stage-Gating

Give borrowers access to only the tasks that make sense at their unique point in their lending journey.

Document Intelligence Service-1

Document Intelligence Service

Accelerate the time to close with automated documents review and AI data extraction.

Copy of Support for Multiple Workflows

Multiple Workflows
Eliminate bottlenecks with customizable permission settings across multiple subsidiaries, catered to your unique needs.

Advanced Decisioning Capabilities

Advanced Decisioning Capabilities
Expedite every step of the process and qualify potential borrowers painlessly. 


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Imagine streamlining the entire lending process, from application to close, with a seamless, integrated digital experience. That’s what our core platform can do for you.

Integrate Simplicity into Your Lending Journey

Provide loan officers with turnkey integrations that accelerate the lending experience, from origination to closing. 

An Easy-to-Use Platform that Works with You

Foster powerful client connections with a simple, consistent, and secure home-lending journey.

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