Senior Front End Engineer

San Francisco (strongly preferred) / remote (US)

We're looking for a senior front end developer to join our engineering team.

About us:

We're a customer-oriented company that believes for our customers to be successful, our team must be compassionate and empathetic.  Our engineering team is small (about 30 at the moment) and is diverse across facets such as gender, ethnicity, race, education, and more. We enjoy working with deliberate, thoughtful people who expose their uncertainty to create learning opportunities.

Our product decreases stress and anxiety in one of the largest financial decisions one can make: buying a home. We have found a reasonable business model and achieved a level of product market fit. As part of this team, you will create quality of life improvements for home purchasers and loan officers, as well as build integrations between a variety of financial systems new and old.

About you:

You've had years of professional experience working in Javascript and CSS.  You've worked with Javascript frameworks, and know how to evaluate the right tool for the job.  You're happy to pitch in on migrating our vanilla Javascript to a framework you didn't get to pick yourself, and mentoring others on how to do it.  In your past work, you've extracted Javascript into testable, reusable modules and added tests for them.  You've also extracted CSS into reusable SASS (or similar) components.  You understand that solid HTML is the core of maintainable web front-ends, and know when to work with as well as work against default browser behaviors.  You're familiar with the basics of accessibility, and are enthusiastic about working in a WCAG-compliant environment.

You like to clean as you work.  Code is more readable (though not necessarily more elegant or compact) after you've been by that area.  You know how to learn a company's business priorities, so you can weigh your cleanup work against the changing business priorities of a startup.

You either have used or would like to use Vue.js and Jasmine with Karma.

This might not be you and that's ok, but it'd be cool if it were:

You have experience working with Ruby on Rails.

You have experience in (and enthusiasm for) any of the following: teaching, pair programming, test automation, refactoring, accessibility, and the mortgage industry.

Please list the job you're interested in as the subject line, and tell us why you want to join Roostify. Be sure to include a resume or similar document that can quickly outline your relevant experiences.