Roostify and Liquid Logics Partnership

Provides Complete Integration of Mortgage Transaction Products

San Francisco, Calif. (February 4th, 2014) - Roostify ( today announced plans to partner with Liquid Logics in order to tightly integrate its own product with Bullseye, a loan origination and portfolio management system offered by Liquid Logics.

Liquid Logics currently white labels Bullseye to a number of leading national mortgage banks. The integration of Roostify and Bullseye will enable these and other Liquid Logics customers to provide a smoother and quicker transaction experience for end-users through Roostify’s platform, which processes borrower application and qualification data, passes necessary information to loan officers, and automates closing activities between borrowers, lenders, and realtors.

Developed by technology, real estate, and mortgage banking experts, Roostify’s secure interface allows borrowers to easily apply for a mortgage and lets all parties involved to share and track information, documents, and transactions seamlessly -- leading to a faster, smoother mortgage closing. Roostify’s growth is strengthened by an initial round of seed funding, led by mortgage bank American Capital Corporation and including several angel investors.

Roostify provides step-by-step guidance in the home and loan closing process, including loan application completion, qualification document submission, and tracking of the loan closing. Borrowers will always know where they stand in the process and what comes next, eliminating potential roadblocks along the way. Lenders get to settlement faster, and receive far fewer unnecessary phone calls and emails. Real estate agents get the benefit of a smoother, quicker process that streamlines the transaction, eliminates time and increases potential referrals from satisfied clients.

“With home buyers more likely than ever to shop for mortgages online and fill out their applications electronically, lenders need a system -- like Roostify -- that can collect and process all of the information from various sources and then seamlessly pass the information back to them – all the while providing a positive experience to the consumer,” said Roostify CEO Rajesh Bhat. “With many large lenders already using Bullseye to manage their analysis and approvals, it makes a great deal of sense for an integration between Roostify to collect and organize the data and Bullseye to help lenders use the data to approve loans while improving the experience for their customers and partners. In the end, lenders will benefit from increased efficiency while consumers will benefit from the ability to track progress in all stages of the transaction, from application to closing, as well as the resulting level of transparency.”

Liquid Logics CEO Sam Kaddah added, “Bullseye’s joint integration with Roostify will combine both organizations’ strengths and provide a rare and cost-effective opportunity to simplify the mortgage origination complex process, untangle it for the borrower to understand, and allow the mortgage bankers to transact efficiently with real cost savings in origination and speed of closing.”

About Roostify

Roostify was founded by three technologists frustrated with their individual home buying and re-financing experiences who believed there was a more efficient, open way to complete transactions. They leveraged the expertise of real estate and mortgage banking experts to develop this new web and mobile service that benefits agents, lenders and home buyers. Roostify is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is backed by private investors.

About Liquid Logics

Based in the greater Kansas City area, Liquid Logics provides a full-cycle loan creation, automated underwriting, and mortgage briefcase to empower borrower transparency and offer direct control of the loan process. Liquid Logics provides industry-leading secure products that allow consumers and lenders to effectively self-manage the flow of information and the bi-bi-directional communication between all interested parties and on all device types and platforms. For more information please visit or contact the company directly at 816-295-6240