Roostify Hits Technical Milestone as API Users Surpass In-House Developers

Industry-leading online mortgage platform now counts dozens of developers across clients and partners

San Francisco, Calif. (August 3, 2017) – Roostify, a provider of automated lending technology, announced today that the company has passed a significant technical and business milestone, with the number of external developers working on the platform through the API now outnumbering the company’s in-house engineers.

“This is a very exciting achievement for us as a solution,” explained Sandeep Aji, Vice President of Products for Roostify. “In addition to marking our success in growing the API functionality, this validates the platform philosophy that guides our development. Our clients are finding value in the flexibility and extensibility that Roostify offers versus a static, off-the-shelf software program.”

The Roostify API is a set of tools that allows Roostify’s clients to develop their own actions and workflows to run within the Roostify platform, and to integrate with their CIS, CRM, LOS, and Access Control systems. This enables lenders to build customized functions and workflows beyond those offered in the Roostify core product.

Aji explained that those functions have included custom loan application questions or approval tasks, custom interface options such as single sign-on (SSO), and integrations with other programs.

“As an example, some of our clients want to use Roostify with a specific LOS or CRM for which we haven’t yet built an integration. The API allows them to build that integration themselves and create the workflow that’s right for their business, rather than forcing them to adopt a different program in order to use Roostify. Our API helps lenders integrate Roostify seamlessly and without disruption to their IT systems.” He added that the API is particularly popular with large enterprise clients, but offers benefits for tech-savvy smaller lenders as well.

Alongside development of its core platform offering, Roostify plans to continue to expand the capabilities of its API to allow for further customization and process automation by its lender clients.

“Consumer expectations for online experiences continue to increase,” noted Aji. “Roostify will stay at the forefront of enabling lenders to offer the high-quality online mortgage experiences that their customers want, with the technical flexibility to meet their business process needs.”

About Roostify

Founded by consumers looking for a better way to buy a home, Roostify leads the industry in delivering accelerated and transparent online mortgage experiences.  From enterprise banks to independent brokerages, dozens of lenders across the United States trust Roostify to speed up closings, reduce unnecessary work and give their customers a smooth, anxiety-free mortgage experience. Since 2014, Roostify has helped close thousands of home loans nationwide.

Roostify is privately funded and headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, please visit