A consumer-driven mortgage experience

Roostify was born out of the founders’ experiences in buying a home and obtaining a mortgage. Designed with consumers’ needs in mind, Roostify makes it easy for you to offer your customers the user-friendly, all-online mortgage experience they expect. 

We’ve built the Roostify platform from the ground up with a “consumer first” perspective, focusing on digitization, automation, and collaboration. The result for both your loan officers and customers is an experience that delivers increased transparency, improved predictability, and a faster origination process. 

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Your customers get a dynamic, mobile-responsive online application that can be completed in minutes, capturing information that drives your decisioning process. After they complete their application, your client can keep in touch with you, submit their documents, collaborate with third parties, and see their loan’s progress through the approval process, all without needing to hunt down a fax machine or schedule an in-person visit.

You get a more streamlined workflow, with less time spent manually processing documents or trying to coordinate between everyone involved in the transaction. Key process automation, easy online collaboration, and leading LOS software integrations help you reach the right decision faster - so you can go on to deliver a great experience to your next client.

My staff, as well as real estate agents working with the clients, used to have to make several extra phone calls to track down missing paperwork. Now, by simply logging in to Roostify, we can see exactly where the documents are and who we are waiting on to finalize them.
— Brett Bonecutter, Branch Owner, Monarch Capital Home Loans

Dynamic application experience


No two consumers are alike, and their application experience shouldn’t be either. Help your customers easily navigate their mortgage application with a clean, customizable interface, clear directions on what information you need, and the ability to import their data from trusted sources with the click of a button to deliver a pristine, actionable loan application. 

For your clients, this adds up to a less stressful application experience. For you, it means more complete, higher-integrity applications, with less manual input than many loan origination software solutions. With completed applications and related documentation automatically available in your LOS system, managing your clients’ loan transactions has never been easier.


Intelligent document management

Save time for both you and your customers by moving to an all-online document process. No need to locate, deliver and manually process paper documentation - submit, review and approve necessary documents entirely from your Roostify dashboard. Key integrations let you seamlessly share data and documents between Roostify and your LOS software, so you always have access to the information you need.

When a consumer submits an application, our patent-pending task request engine automatically generates a list of which documents they need to provide to you and when you need them, based on your underwriting guidelines and the consumer’s application data. When a third party like your client’s real estate agent is added to the transaction, a task list is automatically generated for them as well. 

Throughout the approval process, your client and partners will get automated notifications when tasks are added or completed. Roostify makes it easy to keep track of what’s already been done, and what your customers need to do next. With full task list configurability, you can make sure you get what you need, when you need it.


Decisioning process automation


Drive to the right outcome faster with underwriting process automation and direct-from-source data integrations. You can pull credit, generate automated underwriting findings, pass information to your LOS software, and more, without leaving the Roostify interface.

Direct-from-source data gives you immediate access to the information you need to decision a loan, while reducing the chance for complications from human error.


Consumer collaboration tools

Speed up your loan closings - and reclaim your time. Roostify’s Collaboration Timeline is designed to get all loan participants on the same page, with easy online communication and clear view into the loan’s progress. 

You can add third parties, such as your customer’s real estate agent, with the click of a button. They’ll be able to watch the loan’s progress, get real-time status updates and instantly communicate any potential issues.


Customized brand experience


Build an online application experience that reflects your brand. When consumers visit your application page and track their loan in your Roostify instance, they’ll see your logo, your colors, your fonts. Customize wording to match your brand voice, and use templates to easily create just the right customer experience for your digital mortgage strategy.

What’s more, Roostify’s focus on configurability allows you to create the best application experience for each of the different channels that your customers use to find you.  You know your customers aren’t all the same - why should you have to offer them all the same experience?

See it in action

Learn more about how Roostify can help you give your customers a great experience, and get a live demo from a Roostify product expert.

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