Loan decisioning requires a huge amount of personal and financial information about the applicant, with high regulatory stakes if that decision is incorrect. At the same time, lengthened closing times frustrate consumers and increases costs for lenders. 

With automated underwriting software and direct-from-source data integrations, you can reach decisions faster. Roostify makes it easy to pull in data from automated underwriting systems to help close more high-quality loans in less time.


Instant, accurate credit reports for automated underwriting

Streamline your process and reduce risk of errors by running a consumer’s credit without leaving your Roostify dashboard. Consumers can electronically authorize a credit pull when they fill out their application, and you can pull their report with the click of a button. Seconds later, you have a reliable report on your applicant’s credit history and scores from the three major credit reporting bureaus

 automated underwriting credit check

Seamless Desktop Underwriter integration

 desktop underwriting findings

Fannie Mae’s automated mortgage underwriting system gives you immediate recommendations on potential new loans, and whether they’ll meet regulatory guidelines. Roostify saves you time by letting you generate Desktop Underwriter findings in just a few clicks, without needing to manually transmit data or open another program. Automated underwriting approval has never been this easy.


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