The average home loan takes over two months to close. Manual processes contribute to this long timeline - but so do communications that depend on phone calls and face-to-face meetings. Roostify’s mortgage dashboard tools are designed to make it simple for all participants in a loan transaction to get updates, ask questions and share information at the speed of modern life.


The Collaboration Timeline: all-in-one mortgage dashboard

Roostify’s Collaboration Timeline mortgage dashboard is an at-a-glance view of the status of a loan, including who’s involved, what steps have been taken and what still needs to be done.

Everyone participating in the loan transaction (the LO team, Realtors, and other third parties such as Title Agents and Escrow Officers) can post and receive documents or updates in real time, so there are no long waits or games of telephone tag to catch everyone up on new developments. There’s even a built-in instant messaging feature, so you can answer your applicant’s questions as soon as they ask.

Your customers get quicker responses and a transparent view of what’s happening in their loan process. You get faster closings - and happier customers.

 mortgage dashboard timeline

Cooperative team roles

 mortgage tools for teams

Loan officers manage the mortgage process - but you can’t do it alone. Roostify lets you bring together the other members of your team for greater transparency and easier communication.

Roostify Admins can assign team members to a variety of roles, including Loan Officer, Assistant, Processor and Underwriter. You can then add the appropriate person to your transaction with just a few clicks. They’ll be able to track the loan’s progress and easily communicate any potential issues to the loan participants. This translates to a speedier closing process, with fewer opportunities for a missed connection to develop into a roadblock.


Closer connections with real estate agents

The consumer’s real estate agent is an integral part of their home buying process, and provides critical documents for closing. By adding your applicant’s agent to Roostify, you can easily bring them into the communications loop and streamline their document submission.

Roostify allows real estate agents to seamlessly pull in documents such as the purchase agreement, from commonly-used tools such as ZipLogix. You can also give your real estate agent partners a custom URL to direct consumers to your application, helping you work more closely with your connections - and see at a glance which relationships are sending you the most applicants.

 custom mortgage application url

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