Assembling the required documentation is often the most time-consuming part of the loan process, especially if the consumer is required to locate and deliver paper copies. With Roostify, you can bring the entire loan origination document process online, saving you time, money and sanity.


Secure digital loan origination document management

With so many transactions now taking place electronically, it’s a time-intensive inconvenience for your applicants to track down paper documents and then locate a fax machine or visit in person to deliver them. It’s equally inconvenient for the loan officer - you have to spend valuable time manually processing those paper documents.

Roostify makes it easy for the consumer to upload and submit their documents electronically. You can review their documentation and let them know if you need additional information, in just a few clicks. Even better, eliminating manual document processing decreases the chances that you’ll have to waste time unraveling a loan tangled up in human error.

 loan origination document management

Clear, instant view of what you need to do

 loan origination documentation checklist

Roostify makes it easy to stay on top of the the loan origination documentation for each individual loan. When your applicant submits an application, they’ll get immediate access to an auto-generated task list of which documents they need to submit and why. You and your client will both have at-a-glance visibility into which documents they’ve added and which are still needed to move forward with their loan.

Save time by ensuring the auto-generated lists reflect exactly what you need. You can configure your lists’ tasks, due dates and instructions to ensure your applicant gives you the right documents, at the right time.


Anywhere, anytime loan documents access

Remove barriers for your applicants with mobile-ready loan origination document management. No matter their device of choice, consumers will be able to get you the documents you need to progress with their application.

 mobile loan document management

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