Consumers today expect to do everything online - from buying shoes to applying for mortgages. Roostify’s mortgage application software helps you give your applicants the best possible experience as they start down the path of buying a home.

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Mortgage application software for happier clients
& better applications

Applying for a mortgage is a big step, and it’s easy for consumers to be put off by a cumbersome or intimidating application. With Roostify’s online mortgage application software, you can offer your clients a clean, easy-to-understand application experience. 

Get more complete applications as consumers follow simple steps to provide their information, with fewer applications abandoned partway through. Configure your application to dynamically adjust to your applicant's responses, ensuring a crisp user experience and making sure you get the information you actually need.

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Accurate information straight from the source

As consumers fill out their application, they can import necessary information directly from trusted sources. Through our partnership with Yodlee, your applicants can pull data like bank account balances directly from over 14,000 financial institutions, while TurboTax and LinkedIn connections help automatically fill in critical information.

Direct-from-source data not only saves consumers time and frustration, it also reduces the chances of making a mistake in their application that might delay their loan decision (or derail it entirely). For loan officers, this means higher-quality information when making decisions, and less time spent uncovering errors.


Mobile-friendly online loan application software

Mobile devices are increasingly replacing desktops as consumers’ primary screen, especially among Millennials. That’s why Roostify’s mortgage point of sale system  is designed to be fully mobile-responsive, from start to finish.

Your clients can apply online whenever and wherever works best for them, whether it’s at their desk, on the couch or on their commute home. More borrower convenience means more completed applications, and more closed loans.

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