Roostify Enables Digital Mortgage Solution for Glacier Bancorp

Roostify Enables Digital Mortgage Solution for Glacier Bancorp


San Francisco, CA - Roostify today announced that Glacier Bancorp, Inc. has launched a digital mortgage solution powered by Roostify. Glacier Bancorp, Inc. is a regional bank holding company providing commercial banking services in 104 communities through 164 banking offices in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and Arizona. The company holds total assets of $11.9 billion and shareholder equity of $1.5 billion.

Glacier Bancorp will now offer a digital application for all its customers, creating a positive lending experience that builds on the foundation of trust, ease of use and accessibility. This ADA-compliant platform ensures all consumer-facing aspects of the application are accessible for customers of all abilities, effectively simplifying the lending experience for all customers as they realize their dreams of homeownership.

 “When looking at digital mortgage solutions, we wanted a partner that could accommodate our unique needs and provide us with a superior experience for our customers,” said Paul Peterson, SVP, Corporate Real Estate Manager at Glacier Bancorp. “Our initial roll out was completed in under 60 days and we have already seen a significant increase in online applications in the short time we have deployed the Roostify platform.”

 Because Glacier operates under multiple brands, the company will utilize Roostify Adapt™, which will allow them to utilize unique branding and application features for each of its brands. Roostify Adapt offers flexibility for lenders to comply with lenders’ changing and differing needs.

 “Glacier Bank strives to meet the unique demands of their customers and as a result benefits from an increase in customer satisfaction and in loan production,” said Syed Ijaz, Chief Customer Officer, Roostify. “It is truly a case where everyone wins.”

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