4 Tips To Keep Your Borrowers Engaged

4 Tips To Keep Your Borrowers Engaged


We’ve covered why borrower engagement is essential in the home lending world. Now, you want to take your engagement strategy to the next level, but you may not be sure where to begin. 

Here are a few tips to get you rolling.  

  1. Be responsive—but don’t overdo it

Everyone knows communication is key. It’s important to make sure you and your clients are on the same page—whether through emails, text messaging, or personal phone calls, engaging the borrower keeps them informed on important information. 

It also makes sure that you’re aware of their needs and how best to serve them. Clients need to know you’re doing the best job possible for them, and feel acknowledged and taken care of. 

Too much communication can do the opposite. Contacting potential borrowers too frequently can come across as overbearing and overwhelming. You’ll run the risk of scaring them off. 

Try to find a steady middle ground between over- and under-communicating. Keeping your messages organized in a timely manner will make clients feel valued, but not pressured. With Roostify’s lending platform, you  have the ability to do things like turn emails on and off, change the frequency of messaging, and ensure customers’ communication preferences are understood and remembered with our simple-to-use process.

  1. Focus on what’s important

Each borrower is different. From first-time homebuyers to seasoned veterans of the process, each client needs clear and meaningful information tailored to their experiences and needs. This helps keep them informed throughout the process and makes it easier both for them and for you.

One of the biggest opportunities for mortgage lenders is to make clients aware of all their options. Buying a home can be intimidating, especially for first-time buyers. That’s why it’s essential for home lenders to educate their clients on relevant information, from different loan types to the reality of credit scores and down payments. The more they know, the less room there is for doubt, hesitation, and miscommunication. 

Lenders need to be able to choose which emails they’d like to send and to which audiences. This guarantees that proper information goes to the correct places, and helps simplify the lending process for both you and your clients. 

  1. Personalize, personalize, personalize

Clients like to feel special. In an era of online convenience and customization, personalized experiences have become not just the norm, but the expectation. In a survey of 1,200 residential mortgage customers, McKinsey and Company found that for most people, an exceptional customer experience was nearly as critical as getting the best rate.

Tailoring your information and approach to a client’s wants and needs lets them know you hear and understand them. This can ease their stress, and strengthen your chances of securing both their business and their trust. Don’t underestimate the value of making your borrowers feel important.

  1. Remember, one size doesn’t fit all

How you communicate is crucial to any engagement. Understanding what your clients want to know, and how they want to know it, comes with understanding the unique preferences of that client. Millennials want to be contacted more often than baby boomers, while Gen Z-ers might prefer the personalized convenience of apps to online portals. 

Figuring out which communication strategies work best for your borrowers is a must. It’s important to be able to ask questions in the right way and with the right frequency. For example, your email communication should make them feel comfortable and keep them engaged—so it’s important to maintain a brand voice that resonates with them, while reaching out as often or as sparingly as needed. 

Multi-channel communication made easy

Using a multi-channel communication system—emails, texts, phone, virtual chats—can help you reach a broader audience. Multiple options provide added convenience for your clients, letting you cater to their preferences.

By adopting an automated multi-channel system, you can relieve yourself of added busy work and focus on giving borrowers the best rates and service possible.

At Roostify, we help you get there. Our services automate both email and chat options, giving you the ability to engage with your borrowers as simply and seamlessly as possible. Modernize your business with our simple, easy-to-use platform that shows your borrowers you care.


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