What happens in Vegas? Roostify showcases the power of Automation at the 2019 Digital Mortgage Conference

What happens in Vegas? Roostify showcases the power of Automation at the 2019 Digital Mortgage Conference


Attendees of the recent Source Media’s yearly Digital Mortgage Conference in Las Vegas got a first-hand look at exactly how the Roostify Digital Lending Platform streamlines home loan lending. The conference brings together the biggest names in the mortgage to unveil the latest digital innovations that are reshaping the home lending industry.  

For Roostify, our main stage product demo was led by two of our most dynamic product leaders, Gaz Lloyd-Owen and Kelsey Castillo. The demo took a dynamic approach to display how Roostify’s Digital Lending Platform with instant pre-approval features can help lenders ensure their customer’s goals are met. Gaz and Kelsey showed the audience of digital mortgage experts how more applications are completed thanks to an optimized user experience designed with a customer first mindset. 

The appeal of Roostify keeps growing, particularly among lenders who wish to take current customers and digitally usher them through the digital mortgage lending platform. In the presentation, Roostify showed how customers checking their loan balance can be presented with a mortgage offer by their lender while logged in to their accounts, and walked through the mortgage process. The whole experience is powered by Roostify but retains the look and feel of the customer’s preferred and customary experience. 

So, why was Roostify asked to present at such a prestigious conference of mortgage lending movers and shakers in the first place?

Roostify's new decisioning features further streamline the mortgage application process, increasing mortgage loan officer (MLO) efficiency and decreasing mortgage application cycles. The ability to automatically prefill applications, the proprietary pricing tools and Automated Underwriting System (AUS), seamlessly convert a lead to a pre-approval letter without manual input from the MLO and without having to switch between solutions. Roostify’s digital lending solutions are truly on the forefront of technological innovation and represents a leap forward in lending for all of our clients and their customers. 


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