Roostify’s #1 employee named a Tech Trendsetter by HousingWire


Congratulations Travis Kniffen, you earned it!

The Director of Platform Partnerships at Roostify, Travis Kniffen, was recognized as an innovator in the mortgage technology space by the housing finance industry’s #1 trade publication, HousingWire. Kniffen is one of the first to join our team at Roostify, and we often joke that he is one of the very first people to join our staff. We are so pleased to see his loyalty rewarded today with some stellar recognition for his work!

Travis was awarded an inaugural Tech Trendsetter award by the publication, for working with Roostify’s team and partners to re-imagine the mortgage process to deliver a streamlined, end-to-end digital experience.

“The key area where Kniffen drives innovation is with Roostify’s overall API strategy,” HousingWire said. Implementing a robust Application Programming Interface strategy helps establish a company as a digital-first entity, all along its organizational, technological and cultural lines. More specifically, an API refers to software that allows at least two separate technologies to “talk” to one another.

“For Roostify, partnerships and integrations are paramount to being able to deliver powerful functionality within the platform. Kniffen has driven technological innovations at Roostify to deliver a superior seamless digital mortgage experience for lenders, loan officers, and their customers,” the article states. 

“Roostify lender partners also have a broad range of technologies they work with, whether proprietary or off the shelf. Therefore, for Roostify to be able to connect to a rapidly growing list of technology partners, the digital lending platform must be able to scale quickly, and the work Kniffen spearheaded in the past 12 months has set Roostify up for exactly that,” the Tech Trendsetter article concludes.

Kniffen is the latest in what’s been a year of win-after-win-after-win for all of us here at Roostify.

Most recently, our Senior Director of Regulatory Compliance, Doreen Ghusar was named as one of only 50 people to receive the 2019 HousingWire Insiders designation.

What’s more, Roostify’s Chief Marketing Officer, Courtney Keating Chakarun, just received one of the housing industry’s highest honors: the 2019 HousingWire Women of Influence award. Courtney also was named as a “Woman With Vision,” by Mortgage Women Magazine.

And, the good news doesn’t stop there. Roostify’s Senior Counsel Jessica Maschinski also recently earned a spot on the list of HousingWire’s 2019 Rising Stars in the mortgage industry and the company itself won this year’s HousingWire Tech100 designation as well.


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