A Simpler Lending Process with JPMC


In 2017, Roostify announced a collaboration with Chase to launch a digital, self-service mortgage platform offering a simpler, faster and more transparent home financing experience for consumers, from home loan application to closing. 

As explained in that press release, “Digital technology is reshaping the mortgage industry and is rapidly influencing how consumers make purchases today,” said Mike Weinbach, chief executive officer of Chase Mortgage. “This platform will allow us to be where more of our customers are, which is online and on their phones, while still offering the option to work with us in person if they prefer.”

Today, thanks to tremendous collaboration and dedication between the Chase and Roostify teams, home lending customers are not chasing the dream of a more streamlined home-buying experience, they are living it, as demonstrated by Gordon Smith, Co-President and COO, JP Morgan Chase & Co., and CEO, Consumer and Community Banking in the 2017 Annual Report (page 50):

"Buying a home is one of the most emotional purchases a family ever makes. But the process of buying one is anything but joyful. We want to help the hundreds of thousands of customers who will buy a home with Chase in 2018 to do so with ease and speed. Our partnership with Roostify has made our digital mortgage process simpler and has reduced the time it takes to refinance by 15%."

We are proud of our continued journey with Chase to deliver measurable value through an innovative and flexible home lending solution. With clear bottom-line results such as streamlined processes and reduced time-to-close, we plan to build on this foundation for continued growth and success.


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