Here’s how Roostify just made closing a mortgage so much easier


A message to MLOs

The most trusted digital lending platform just made closing a mortgage much easier for mortgage loan officers. Here at Roostify, we know how important it is to potential homeowners to make automated mortgage lending go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

That’s why we announced recently that we are teaming up with Docutech, the leading provider of document eSign, eClose and print fulfillment technology.

So what does this partnership mean? This means less hassle for you and your clients. Mortgage disclosure documents are created and presented to your clients for completion and signature without having to use an outside application.

Here at Roostify, we are 100% dedicated to improving the digital lending experience. We are pushing every single day for a better mortgage experience for all of our customers and their clients.

Our vision comes straight from the top: “Today’s consumers want a frictionless experience in everything they do. This expectation, translates over to big life events including buying a home,” said Rajesh Bhat, CEO of Roostify. “Our integration with Docutech enables a completely seamless, best-in-class experience, while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance to keep users’ personal information secure.”

We’re making mortgages better for everyone, every day. We’ll keep you posted; we have so many more big things coming!


Roostify and Docutech Join Forces to Amplify the Consumer Experience

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