The Future of Fintech is now!


Or, at the very least, this week. That’s when CB Insights is hosting its event, The Future of Fintech, in New York City.

The one-of-a-kind event brings together senior executives from prestigious financial companies in the S&P 500 and puts them in the same room with innovators and disruptors at startups such as Roostify.

It is a truly global audience of the biggest players in financial services, and we’re going to be front and center for all the action as one of the event’s startup sponsors.

“It’s an honor to be a sponsor of such an important event,” said Kevin Levitt, Vice President of Sales, who is attending. “The Future of Fintech is all about bringing together startups and major international corporations in the spirit of disruption and collaboration that Roostify represents.”

As an example, Roostify’s cloud-based lending platform accelerates digital transformation of legacy acquisition and fulfillment channels for banks across lines of business including Mortgage and Home Equity.

And the Future of Fintech really is now, as the event offers more than 20 of its Up Next talks. These talks will feature a current list of “future unicorns” in the Fintech space, including interviews with VC partners on the fintech trends they’re watching.

What’s more, CB Insights states that a full 83% of attendees are decision makers for their organizations, so this is serious Fintech business event for serious Fintech businesses to attend. We are excited and honored to be attending this year!


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