Roostify Crushes It at Money20/20 Europe


Roostify wrapped the Money20/20 conference hosted by Ascential, and then crushed it all over again at The Future of Fintech.

Held in Amsterdam in early June, Money20/20 appeals to the most senior level members of the Payments, Fintech and Financial Services ecosystem. 

Roostify is excited to be leading demos of our seamless digital lending platform at conferences throughout the nation as well as with Money20/20 Europe, where we teamed up with Santander. 

“It’s the premier stage for our industry’s revolutionaries and pioneers to share ground-breaking innovation, major announcements, and insights from their successes and failures that will inspire, influence and empower our audience,” according to Ascential’s description of the conference.

Only world-class content is presented at Money20/20 events. Not only is Roostify’s highly secure, future-proof lending platform trusted by some of the world’s largest lenders, our story is especially intriguing at the highest operational levels for Fintech firms and it was an honor to participate at Money 20/20.


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