Roostify’s Hackathon: Making Innovation Inclusive

Roostify’s Hackathon: Making Innovation Inclusive


The best ideas are born from collaboration, they don’t happen in a vacuum. True innovation is fostered in an engaging environment with a true spirit of adventure. Roostify recently hosted a hackathon event at our HQ in San Francisco with local, remote and even international participation from our India team to promote awareness of some exciting technical evolutions.

Our hackathon event brought together more than 10 separate teams and challenged each one to develop and present a solution that would totally rock the digital mortgage lending landscape. The challenge was to offer a hack that either enhanced an existing Roostify feature or created an entirely new customer-centric capability.

The two most vital themes of the event dealt with improvements in both automation and giving the best customer experience possible. Concepts presented included using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and voice-recognition software to further evolve the customer experience. 

We’re hard at work making the winning ideas a reality starting as soon as later this year. For those concepts that did not make it into the final round, they were big thought starters and will be a launching pad for more ideas.

Roostify prides itself on being a people-first organization. And that just doesn’t go for our clients and their customers but for everyone who is helping Roostify deliver the greatest customer-centric digital mortgage platform. Every. Single. Day.

The hackathon brings together our people and gives them a platform to express their creative sides, to show the whole company their dream of what the future of digital lending can look like. Reinvent Lending. Realize Dreams.


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