Roostify Adds Income Calculation Capabilities for Self-Employed Borrowers

Roostify Adds Income Calculation Capabilities for Self-Employed Borrowers


 Roostify, a leading mortgage technology provider, has partnered with Indecomm, a provider of mortgage automation. The partnership integrates Indecomm's IncomeGenius, an automated income calculation technology, into Roostify's data intelligence solutions.

The integration accelerates Roostify Beyond's vision to deliver next-level data and document intelligence that streamlines and automates processing and underwriting workflows, including the analysis of income, assets, and credit. Roostify Beyond's Analysis Assistant uses data from automated VOA/VOE/VOI reports and borrower-uploaded documents during the application process as well as loan application data to analyze a borrower's assets and income.

The IncomeGenius integration expands Roostify's existing income calculation capabilities by enabling automated income calculations for self-employed borrowers. IncomeGenius receives self-employment documents and data from Roostify Beyond's Analysis Assistant, applies its proprietary machine-learning algorithms to deliver a thorough self-employment income analysis, and generates a GSE worksheet, in line with guidelines specified by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It then sends this information back to the Roostify Beyond platform, which is displayed as a part of the interactive Analysis Assistant dashboard.

"Improving loan assembly and processing costs, and timeframes is an imperative for all lenders in today's environment," says Roostify co-founder and CEO Rajesh Bhat. "Roostify Beyond already incorporates income calculation and analysis for the most common employment scenarios. With the integration of IncomeGenius, we can now simplify and automate calculations for self-employed borrowers, an increasingly important use case as the gig economy expands."

Using standardized rules and algorithms, IncomeGenius minimizes risk related to manual inputs and calculation errors, doubling productivity at loan set-up and reducing time spent on income calculations by 60%. Additionally, IncomeGenius ensures 100% compliance with audit requirements and provides a complete audit trail, serving as a single source of truth for all documentary evidence.

"In middle-office mortgage operations, associates spend a painstaking amount of time verifying, validating, and comparing data and docs," said Indecomm CEO Rajan Nair. "When this happens, you know that your associates are moving away from the purpose of serving the borrower. Now, merging the intelligent data offerings of Roostify Beyond with IncomeGenius automation, lenders can accelerate complex analyses and react more quickly and accurately, while minimizing risk."

Mutual customers of Roostify and Indecomm will benefit from a one-time, one-touch set up for both products through Roostify's easy-to-configure console. This integration showcases Roostify's commitment  to building a truly data-driven, simplified home lending experience.

About Roostify

Based in San Francisco, Roostify was founded in 2012 to modernize and simplify the manual, inefficient mortgage process and create a more enjoyable experience for the customer and lender. Today, Roostify is helping lenders process more than $50 billion in loans each month, from large enterprise banks to thriving independent brokerages. Roostify empowers lenders to accelerate and simplify the lending process to help lenders and customers alike unlock more of life's big moments. For more information, please visit

About Indecomm

Founded more than 25 years ago, Indecomm blends intelligent automation with deep mortgage banking expertise to deliver groundbreaking mortgage innovations that help businesses optimize operations and achieve competitive advantage. Backed by a 1500-strong global workforce, mortgage organizations benefit from Indecomm's automation-as-a-service approach, which enables better borrower experiences by streamlining middle and back-office operations.

Indecomm takes an automation-first approach, partnering with large and mid-sized lenders, servicers, mortgage insurers, and title companies to create efficiencies at every phase of the mortgage lifecycle. Specifically, Indecomm products and services leverage robotics process automation (RPA), supervised automation, and machine learning to tackle the industry's most complex operational challenges.

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