Why I Joined Roostify as Chief Compliance Officer

Why I Joined Roostify as Chief Compliance Officer


Written by: Roger Fendelman, CCO

Those who know me know that most of my career has been at the crossroads of mortgage originations, law, and technology. I enjoy the unique challenges that only mortgage technology vendors can understand: from creating impactful technology and ensuring regulatory compliance to meeting the needs of demanding customers. 

The answers never come easy. 

This is where understanding the past helps frame the future and having insights into law, regulation, and technology is critical. For me, I see it simply as putting together pieces of a really big mortgage puzzle. For others, perhaps it’s the ‘Art of Compliance’. As I take the next step in my career, I’m thrilled to be immersed in innovative mortgage technology as the Chief Compliance Officer of Roostify, where the mission is to simplify the home lending process.

As an early fintech pioneer, I sometimes found myself ahead of the curve. In other words, the technology solutions I was a part of creating were slightly ahead of their time for the slow-to-adopt mortgage industry. My first foray into fintech was Nexstar Financial, a national mortgage lender that used new technology to reduce human touch in the origination process. This concept was 20 years ahead of its time in the days when mortgage professionals did everything by hand. 

Following Nexstar, I joined Interthinx, a company that created automated solutions to ensure loan-level compliance and rooted out participant fraud by using robotic process automation. As the company’s executive compliance leader,  I co-created what was then a revolutionary solution to a problem that had previously been solved with costly, ineffective manual file reviews. The ROIs spoke for our success. I then co-founded the boutique mortgage law firm, Garris Horn, and the compliance consulting firm, Firstline Compliance, with some good friends. The mandate was to plug a gap by providing flexible, affordable, and high-quality legal and compliance consulting solutions to mortgage lenders and fintech. PS: mission accomplished!

Notwithstanding our successes with these firms, I  found myself longing for the days where I could get back to building and supporting technology that moves the industry forward. So, when the opportunity presented itself to join Roostify, I jumped at the chance.

Roostify is a great fit for me, someone who thrives on simplifying the complex. What makes it so exciting is also what made the decision to join so easy: the team and the technology. Roostify is a dynamic group of forward-thinking visionaries who share a common objective - to empower loan teams with technology that saves them time and lets them focus on their customers , fundamentally changing the mortgage origination process. Roostify is dedicated to building the best origination solution and knowing that makes me one delighted Roostie. And, based on the company’s recent successes, I’m clearly not the only one who sees Roostify taking the lead in driving meaningful change through the mortgage industry. 

As Chief Compliance Officer at Roostify, my prior career experiences will inform my drive to create sophisticated and innovative compliance solutions, ensuring that Roostify is always a step ahead. I will work closely with the company’s Product and Engineering teams to develop compliant solutions within the confines of what is arguably the most regulated consumer financial services vertical. 

It’s great to be back in the fintech space again with Roostify, and I’m excited to be a part of the origination process of the future!


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