Your Underwriting Process: Go Beyond Data Intelligence

Reduce origination costs and shorten time to close with a complete data intelligence home lending product.

Document Intelligence

. Transform Underwriting with Data-Powered Automation

 An extension of the Roostify digital lending platform, Roostify Beyond is a data intelligence product that enables you to streamline loan processing and underwriting. By using  data from documents and third-party sources, you can focus on what matters most and let Beyond do the rest.

Document Intelligence 

Faster underwriting without compromising on accuracy. An experience that delights borrowers and lenders. That’s the power of data.

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docintelligence classification

Document Classification

Give users instant feedback when they upload incorrect or illegible documents. Save on time and costs since borrowers don’t need to engage with your lending team until the documents are ready to go.

Current document classification accuracy F1 score: 0.91
docintelligence extraction

Data Extraction

Automatically check if documents are the right type, but also if it’s the right version and that all data fields match the expectations of the assigned task. Eliminate human error by minimizing the time your team spends manually checking and rechecking documents.
Current document extraction accuracy: 85% – 99%
docintelligence validation

Data Validation

Use borrower data to create customized, automatic tasks on Roostify digital lending platform prior to the document's in-person review. Keep borrowers happy and boost customer retention with a smooth, faster process.

Analysis Assistant

Everything you want to know about your borrower’s financial profile at your fingertips. Reliable information - powered by data - delivered in a streamlined dashboard, so you can focus only on what matters.

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Income Analysis (2)

Income Analysis

View income trends to easily identify income changes and understand income sources more effectively. Anticipate issues that may require attention before they become a problem.

Asset Analysis (3)

Asset Analysis

Obtain a complete financial summary of your borrower’s assets, including discrepancies and anomalies. Quickly view total assets, deposits, sources, withdrawal, and much more.

Credit Analysis (1)

Credit Analysis

Use credit report data from the primary borrower, co-borrower, and jointly-held accounts to automatically identify if any letters of explanation will be needed. 


Letters of Explanation

Analysis Assistant identifies issues and anomalies, and automatically enables loan officers to request letters of explanation with a single click - no manual document review needed.

The intelligent data solution that will transform your underwriting process

Decrease Time Spent Processing

Save time by getting the right documents from the beginning. Shorten the feedback loop with clients with real-time feedback. Your team won’t spend time reviewing incorrect documentation or requesting documents.

Reduce Reliance on Human Capital

Eliminate manual work (i.e. “stare and compare”) and enable your lending team to be more accurate. Increase productivity and focus more on strategic initiatives

Deliver a Better Borrower Experience

Create a smoother process for your borrowers by giving real-time feedback if documents are right or wrong. Increase customer satisfaction with a faster loan process and quicker “clear to close”

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