The Team that Helps You Win: Introducing the Solution Design Team

When it comes to implementing a digital home lending solution, there is a lot more that goes into a successful implementation and process improvement within an enterprise than just technology.  Of course, you want a robust platform, extensible API, third party integration options and a provider with experience and a track record of performance.

However, how you define new workflows and process improvements as you migrate your end-to-end lending process is also key to success.  That’s true whether you are a depository bank, independent mortgage lender or a system integrator designing a scalable solution for your clients. That’s where our Solution Design Team comes in.

We saw the need for a solution design team arise as we observed patterns of success and challenges in customer deployments. Technology solutions such as Roostify offer transformative capabilities that can be tempting to implement all at once. However, one classic mistake is to fit such a transformative solution into an existing process. The result can be false negative signals that create unnecessary headwinds in adoption.

Through our dozens of customer implementations, we have learned one simple lesson for success: keep it simple. While Roostify ultimately changes the way consumers and lender personnel engage throughout the home buying journey, we often recommend that our customers start small in their implementation. As they add more Roostify capabilities, they must invariably assess whether their existing processes are well suited to fully leverage these capabilities and to maximize the value of the Roostify offering.

The best business process innovations require a combination of “out-of-the-box” innovation and an insiders’ knowledge of the mortgage industry and processes.  Roostify’s Solution Design Team includes experts from the mortgage industry with deep knowledge of Roostify’s technology who have a single mission: ensuring lending customers reap all the benefits of their online lending solution — not only during the implementation phase, but well into the future as business expands and needs evolve.  

By partnering with customers and integrators to intelligently define and implement process improvements, everyone wins – including the consumers who are eager and waiting for the digital lending future.