Making Lenders Smarter: Introducing the Intelligent Lending Platform eBook

Innovations in digital lending are bringing new and improved processes, faster closings, and deeper consumer engagement with lenders than ever before.  But innovation means much more than simply turning a paper-based application into an online form: It means providing the foundation to fundamentally shift the acquisition, operation and completion of the loan processing system for lenders and consumers alike.

According to a Zion Research report (Mar, 2018), the global digitization in lending market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of more than 53% between 2017 and 2025.  Growing adoption of lending digitization is driving this tremendous growth, and many new fintech companies are rushing to take advantage of this market growth.  But when it comes to digitizing your lending experience, choose your technology partner carefully. Ask the tough questions about the tech stack behind the flashy demo.

At Roostify, we have spent years perfecting a robust platform, designed to meet the needs of one of the world’s largest, most complex depository institutions. We have had to solve for multiple lending scenarios; deliver collaboration workflows for mortgage, refis and more; build and operate to the strictest compliance standards.  And while we solved for the toughest, high-volume business case first, the great news for every Roostify customer is that every lender that purchases our platform benefits from the same powerhouse technology capabilities, easily customizable to their needs and brand.


Roostify platform capabilities go far beyond an online application, and include:

  • Cloud and Mobile Infrastructure: Best-in-class and mobile responsive
  • Infosec, Risk and Compliance: Our platform has passed some of the most stringent security audits in the industry
  • Integrations: Easily integrate with your favorite LOS, CRM or other enterprise systems
  • Data & Analytics: Gain valuable insights about your lending business to make better decisions, reduce costs and increase profits
  • Productivity: We give loan officers the tools they need to close more loans in less time, with fewer manual touches
  • Flexibility for the Future: Reliability today with ultimate flexibility to add integrations and serve new business lines in the future

Want to learn more about how your lending business can benefit from the Roostify platform? Download The Intelligent Lending Platform eBook here.   

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