What Our Customers Are Saying

Our borrowers love how easy our online application is to complete as well as the convenience of the secure platform to provide needed documents. Our conditional approval time has been reduced on average to 3 days which helps the borrower close their loan faster. Roostify provides us with a communication tool that is mobile friendly for our borrowers that want to communicate digitally.
— Jan Valencia, Residential Mortgage Systems Project Manager, KS StateBank
This is a big help in my day-to-day work. With my buyers submitting their documents online, I am able to get the loan into processing much faster and keep it moving forward more easily, particularly if the buyer’s information comes in electronically verified as accurate.
— John Yancey, Loan Officer, BOKF
This platform will allow us to be where more of our customers are, which is online and on their phones, while still offering the option to work with us in person if they prefer
— Mike Weinbach, CEO, Chase Mortgage
When you take these plug and play technologies and adapt them to your own brand and business workflow, it levels the playing field. My offering can be just as good as a large originator with deep pockets and a hundred-person IT staff.
— Keith Polaski, Founder & Principal, radius
Coming to us from the Internet, [consumers] expect us to be super-efficient, and on top of our game at all times. Expectations are super high, and hearing no complaints, and an extremely high usage and completion rate shows us that it’s well received by our borrowers.
— Dan Stevens, VP of Mortgage Strategy, NBKC
We are seeing a lot more applications coming in from the web, and when they do, they are more complete. Roostify lets us get things started faster and easier and helps us process loans faster, while providing a great customer experience.
— Matthew Hillis, CIO, Hometown Lenders